Our Y2K Exchange Student Bernardo Lima has enjoyed visiting our Website and keeping in touch. He recently wrote:
Hi Paul,
I read that some crazy bikers where at your place! awesome! how was it?!
Well I graduated at a reputable brazilian medical school named UFMG last year.
Then I've worked at emergency departments and study for the residency tests until january. I was approved in the Anesthesiology service of the Hospital Felicio Rocho (http://www.feliciorocho.org.br/hfr08/) wich is a very good hospital that attends both wealthy and poor population of my state with agood and humanized service. So I've done the first of three years of specialization in the area. Haven't played a lot of tennis because I lack the time, I'm just swimming three times a week before 6am. You are sort of my role model to keep it healthy through out our life uh?! Besides that my father passed away 3 years ago, he had leukemia, he did fight his disease with bravure and never gave up. So right now I live with my mother and we have a little farm where we grow our milk cows, they don't give a lot of profit so we are studying other possibilities to the land. And how is Monica and you doing? When are you coming to Brazil so I can try to be as good host as you were for me? I'm still in touch with my first family and some friends from Tx, most of the people are already married and have children. Andy johnson wich was my best friend in Tx is at Afeghanistan serving in the army. Miss you! Best regards Bernardo
Pictured at our farm: My sister and her husband, cousins, my mother, me and my girlfriend