Hello HEB Rotarians,
Our sister club, the Pacesetters is hosting 17 year old Alex Strojanow a Junior at Birdville High School (far right in photo). Alex is enjoys advanced music courses, playing his guitar, and cycling. Alex's home is in Germany
To enrich the experience for both the student and the club(s), the Rotary exchange program requires that the student stay with three different host families during the year.
If HEB Rotary can find a good host family prospect in this area, the Pacesetters are providing us the opportunity to share in this experience. The time frame is April 10 through June 15. (approx 2 months)
It can be very rejuvenating to spend time with these young folks who bring such interesting backgrounds and who are so interested in our culture.
If hosting is not feasible, it is also great fun to invite the exchange student for an evening meal or activity with any of the Rotary families.
For more information about this opportunity, please contact one of the folks soon while this opportunity is available: Wil Griffin at wgriffin@wilgriffin.com Monte Ramey at monte@brennancorp.com Or Paul Lucas at jplucas5790@gmail.com