The ROTARY FOUNDATION (TRF) makes INTERNATIONAL humanitarian, educational and cultural projects possible.

The mission of TRF is  to promote "world peace and understanding" by engaging in international service projects.

The largest and most visible commitment that clubs fulfill is raising funds and providing volunteer hours for local service projects. H owever it is important to also support our international committments through support of TRF. 

Member Responsibilities:

Critical funding for the Rotary Foundation is dependent on regular contributions from Rotarians and friends of Rotary.  Therefore every good Rotarian is expected to support the Foundation in the following ways:

  • The Rotary Foundation (TRF) anticipates that every good Rotarian will donate at least $100 annually to the TRF Annual Programs Fund (APF) NOTE: After 3 years 50% of these funds are returned to be used at the discretion of our District. The remainder is use for matching and funding international humanitarian projects.
  • TRF also encourages Rotarians to be Benefactors (pledging $1,000 of their estate to the TRF Permanent Fund)
  • TRF has also asked Clubs to continue to help eradicate Polio from the world by raising $33 per member annually for the TRF Polio Plus fund for each of the next three years. This will match a $100M challenge grant from the Gates Foundation.


TRF has several designations to recognize loyal contributors.  A few of these categories are listed here:

  • Sustaining Member ($100 annually to the APF)
  • Every Rotarian Every Year CLUB (EREY) (100% participation, with $100 average for the year)
  • Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) (TRF Contributions+Recognition received = 1000)
  • Multiple PHF (Recognition for each additional $1,000 contribution)
  • Benefactor ($1,000 pledge to TRF Permanent Fund)
  • Paul Harris Society (Contribution of $1,000 annually to the APF)
  • Major Donor  (Combined giving of individual or couple = $10,000)

Contact for more information:

  Paul Lucas, Rotary Foundation Chairman          









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